Best places to watch cartoons online: Why we love Boomerang, Crunchyroll, and more

Tech 28-9-2022 Mashable 29
mickey mouse standing on piano in spotlight

Cartoons are for kids. They're also for college students, teenagers, adults, and anyone with a pulse, really.

It's true: Animated entertainment is for everyone. Cartoons can educate, entertain, distract, or transport us away to worlds that we could only imagine in our dreams.

In this modern age of entertainment, you can find cartoons anywhere and everywhere thanks to all the streaming services available now. Some act as a general hub for all kinds of shows, films, and genres, while others might have more specific offerings that cater to the niche desires of a particular audience.

We've narrowed the crowded field down to some of the best services for finding the latest films from Pixar, early episodes of The Simpsons, classic Looney Tunes shorts, and the best anime coming out of Japan.

Check out our picks for the best places to enjoy cartoons of all kinds:

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