Make fire safety your next home improvement project

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Man and woman installing spoke detector

Moving into a new home or starting a new renovation project is exciting. But while you may devote hours to selecting paint colors or how best to set up a comfy home office, you could be skipping an important piece of home maintenance: fire safety.

 Since only about 30% of homes are protected to the standards of the National Fire Protection Agency, it’s definitely cause for concern. Thankfully, helping to protect your home with Kidde products from The Home Depot is a relatively easy home improvement project that pretty much anyone can do — and it could save your life.

 Kidde alarms are designed to be simple to set up and some can even do more than just detect smoke. With October being National Fire Safety Month, here are ways to help protect your home from fire and other common hazards like carbon monoxide and water damage.


Get a combo alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide


Kidde Smoke Detector and carbon monoxide detector
Credit: Home Depot

For doubled-up coverage in one device, Kidde’s battery-operated 10-Year Worry Free Alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide(a dangerous and potentially deadly gas you can’t taste, smell, or see). If either hazard is detected, a loud, 85-decibel alarm alerts you. When the device is running low on battery, it will let you know it’s time get some fresh AA batteries ASAP.


Breathe easier with indoor air quality monitoring


Kidde Smart smoke Carbon Monoxide and air quality detector
Credit: Home Depot

Love getting more done with one project? The hardwired Kidde Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a safety triple play which also connects to an app on your phone and sounds an alarm with voice alerts in your home. It’s an industry-first integrated smart detection system for smoke, CO and IAQ, monitoring for total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) as well. For added peace of mind, if the power goes out, this multitasking unit has a sealed-in, lithium backup battery that’s good for 10 years.


Detect and prevent costly water damage


Kidde Water leak and freeze detector
Credit: Home Depat

Home fires tend to increase during winter. That’s why The Home Depot is running fire safety awareness events through the end of October to help educate consumers in advance of the winter season. However, another cold weather concern is frozen pipes. To prevent water damage, which can be destructive and expensive any time of year, the Kidde Water Leak + Freeze Detector has sensors to detect water or temperature drops. If either happens, it sounds an alarm and sends notifications to your smartphone.

Man and woman installing a smoke detector
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