Cavalier County Commissioners meeting

The Cavalier County Commissioners met for their regular meeting on November 16. Commissioner Greg Goodman reported on the discussions of the ARPA committee so far. There have been various ideas, but he liked the idea of investing it in people to grow the community. Once the state budget passes, they will find out the rules of spending the money. Funds will need to be spent by 2024.

Shannon Duerr, Director of the Cavalier County Job Development Authority, gave an update on activities in her office. Because businesses are having a hard time hiring, she is pursuing programs that will help with that. In developing the five-year strategic plan, they will be sending out surveys to the county to get feedback. This year they will also be surveying alumni. Duerr reported that she has already had four different entities contact her regarding the NDUS Career Builders program. Duerr, herself, is working on a series of classes that will result in an Economic Finance Professional certification upon completion.

Carol Goodman gave a thorough update of the status of the Nekoma project. The next step is to get the clean up going so that interested parties will be able to see what is possible at the site. They have agreed to sell a specific lot on the property to John Rogers, a well-known sculptor and metal artist living in California with ND connections. He is very interested in military history and the Cold War. He also wants to help with or work on the design of the Interpretive Center.

Carol Goodman commended Duane Otto on all of the work has put in on the Nekoma project. Otto was with the Rural Electrification Cooperative when the Nekoma site was built. He is the lead contact with the investment group and has known the CEO for 30 years. The commissioners echoed Carol’s sentiments, not only for his dedication to the Nekoma project but also for all the work he has done throughout the community.

The regular meeting was temporarily adjourned to conduct the delinquent tax sale. Three parcels in Olga township were sold to sole bidder Anita Beauchamp for $12.27 each. One parcel in Alsen, two in Hannah, one in Osnabrock, and three in Sarles did not have any bids. The tax sale ended, and the regular meeting was reconvened.

County Auditor Lisa Gellner informed the commissioners that for the rest of the day, anyone that comes into the auditor’s or treasurer’s office will have the opportunity to purchase the unsold lots. Starting the next day, County Treasurer Cindy Stremick will work with the cities to sell these city-owned lands to the cities for a dollar per parcel plus the recording fee. A motion would be needed to do so. Goodman made the motion, seconded by Commissioner Dave Zeis, motion carried.

Other Business:

Commissioners decided to advertise the county owned 2016 Impala for bids. Commissioner Moser said he would talk to both car dealerships.

A culvert request in Loam township was approved.

The Mt. Carmel Dam road project application was approved.

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