Cavalier County Commission meeting recently held

Cavalier County Commissioners met on October 7 at 8:30 a.m. for their bi-monthly meeting. Emergency Manager Karen Kempert informed the commissioners about the approval of a request for a security grant for the courthouse. The grant is for a total of $40,140 to update locks and for the doors to be changed to key fobs which will allow a more hassle-free way to control access to courthouse facilities, particularly during non-operational hours.

Road Supervisor Terry Johnston was next on the agenda to meet with commissioners. The commissioners and Johnston discussed labor usage of county road employees. After discussion of labor came to an end, road projects came up. The Commission discussed current and future projects and worries regarding them.

Nick Moser made a motion to approve Amanda Buchweitz and Jackie Nye to be the state fair delegates, Greg Gooman seconded, and motion was carried. Greg Goodman made a motion to approve a raffle permit request from Our Lady's Preservation, Stanley Dick seconded, and motion was carried.

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