Cardinal Vision TV streams LAHS activities

Cardinal Vision is channel 578 on United Communications television service. It is a dedicated channel for the Langdon Area School designed to give the school the ability to put live content like sports and concerts as well as pre-recorded content on the television for the community. The channel has proven beneficial during the COVID-19 restrictions.

“It allows many fans to watch games that previously may have been restricted in attendance,” said LAHS Principal Ethen Askvig, “and provides other local area fans the ability to watch events without having to travel to the school.”

A team from United Communications met with the LAHS administration and the business education teacher, Tanner Groth, to see if they were interested in the service, which they were. United donated the equipment and service at no cost to the school and contracted a person to train Mr. Groth, who integrated the curriculum into his multimedia class.

LAHS student Lexi Olson took that class last spring, and Askvig asked her if she would like to manage the channel this year. She is taking the individual technological design class taught by the technology and engineering teacher, Rich Olson, and working on Cardinal Vision is a portion of that class.

“I write a report every week for it,” said Lexi, “what I did, what I accomplished, new content I’ve done, what I’m going to do next week, my goals.”

Lexi creates a pre-recorded loop that plays on the channel continuously until streaming a live event takes over. After the live event, the channel goes back to playing the loop. The live event is recorded while streaming, and Lexi edits it for content later, taking out spaces and adding transitions. She then adds that recording to the loop and takes out old, recorded content from the end of the loop so that it stays up-to-date. Lexi enjoys creating original content and editing the recordings using tools and skills that she has learned throughout the process.

“My original content shows are one of my favorite things to do,” said Lexi. “I love to make them fun and add cool effects into them. Music, sound effects, and background 'noise' make a video much more fun and makes the audience want to watch. I get to explore more of my creativity with these fun videos and see what I can come up with. I use the app Final Cut Pro to do all the editing and fancy things while Media Zone Editor Pro puts the final product on TV.”

Lexi has to balance her love of creative editing and special effects with the large amount of content and time-consuming process of editing and maintaining the loop. Any tips and tricks she learns are welcome time savers.

Some of the activities currently playing on the pre-recorded loop are girls’ and boys’ basketball games, food lab demonstrations from family and consumer science classes taught by Amy Kram, an art show put together by art teacher Mindy Lill, talk shows with students, choir and band concerts, and some choir videos made with the help of choir teacher Kim Hart. Lexi created and added information schedules with important dates, a sports schedule, and breakfast and lunch menus to the loop. Other content that has played in the past include Homecoming coronation, pep rallies, volleyball and football games, and a Halloween video.

“If you want to see the many great things that our students are participating in, Cardinal Vision allows anyone to do that,” said Askvig.

United Communications also sponsors Rolla, Belcourt, Walhalla, and Rolette schools. Polar Communications and other telephone/communications companies sponsor other schools. They co-op and share channels with each other so that more school channels can be offered than they personally sponsor.

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