A new way to trick or treat for the Cavalier County Food Pantry

In the past, area youth groups gathered on the Wednesday prior to Halloween, broke into groups, and went door to door throughout town collecting items for the food pantry saying, “Trick or treat for the food pantry!” when someone answered the door. This year, the event will focus on financial donations.

"When talking with the food pantry, they mentioned that this year there is a greater need for financial donations than for food items, however, food items are happily still accepted,” said Pastor Jordan Braunberger.

The event will still happen the Wednesday before Halloween (October 28), but instead of gathering as a group, everyone will be meeting at their own youth group buildings or churches. All the youth groups will hear a unified message given by their pastor about hunger awareness and caring for their neighbor.

"Youth whose church has no youth group leaders are welcome to join with another church for the evening,” shared Pastor Karl Breddin. “We want to make sure all youth are welcome to participate in the event.”

Students will then call or text church members or people in their contact list asking for donations as well as posting and sharing a link to online giving. Online donations will be able to be given through a Cavalier County Ministerial Association PayPal account set up specifically for this purpose, which will make it easier to distinguish food pantry donations. The link for the PayPal site is paypal.me/CCMA58249. A person will be asked to create a free PayPal account if they don’t already have one. Even though anyone can give at any time via this PayPal method, the specific dates for “Trick or Treat for the Food Pantry” will be Tuesday, October 27 to Tuesday, November 3. Afterwards, a check will be written for the total amount donated and given to the food pantry.

If a person doesn’t want to use the PayPal method but still wants to give, they can drop off their donation (food or financial) at one of the local churches or at Cavalier County Social Services, 324 7th Avenue in Langdon. Financial donations payable to the CC Emergency Food Pantry may also be mailed to: CC Emergency Food Pantry, PO Box 630, Langdon, ND 58249.

“Hopefully we can have a good show of support from our community as we continue this tradition,” said Pastor Breddin.

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