Cavalier County Commission has light agenda

The Cavalier County Commission met to conduct county business on Tuesday, September 1. The meeting focused primarily on the immediate future of the courthouse in terms of both COVID recommendations and staff.

The Commission heard department updates from several areas of the courthouse. Anita Beauchamp provided a department update from the clerk of court’s office as did Steph Bata from the tax director’s office. Both departments are running smoothly and explained current highlights of business for each. Vicki Kubat from the recorder’s office provided an update on her department with Commissioner Stanley Dick also informing the commissioners that Kubat was one of five recipients for the excellence in county government award.

The veterans service office has found its new officer with Steve Anderson being introduced to the Commission as taking over the role that Leon Hiltner has held for several years. Hiltner and Anderson addressed the commissioners on how the transition will take place and that Hiltner intends to maintain his accreditation for the time being to assist Anderson as necessary. Anderson will begin his accreditation process as soon as possible.

Cavalier County Health District’s Steph Welsh was present to report on public health’s activity. Welsh shared that the office is ramping up for flu season and the vaccination effort. This will be a focus for health districts across the state to mitigate the impact the flu virus and COVID-19 will have on the North Dakota health care system. Since the start of the weekly testing event held at the health district’s office, Welsh stated that over 30 percent of the county’s population has been tested now. She expects to see that number increase as cases are reported in the county.

Northern Valley Human Services Zone Director Jill Denault addressed the commissioners on how things are going with the implementation of the redesign. Denault explained that one of the major catching points for the county has found a solution with HR policy. The state has crafted a HR policy for the zones to tweak to their needs and then be implemented into the host county policy manual. This move will allow the employees to have their own policy similar to the state’s while still being county employees.

Other Business

• The commissioners reviewed COVID restrictions within the courthouse. Discussion included making masks mandatory to enter or remain highly recommended. The Commission ultimately decided to maintain masks as highly recommended at this time.

• Cavalier County Road Supervisor Terry Johnston discussed gravel budgets and projects. Discussion included where potential gravel sources could be found including from the City of Langdon.

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