Crockett joins Public Health

Cavalier County Health District (CCHD) has expanded their staff, hiring Barbara Crockett as a public health nurse. A public health nurse has a wide range of responsibilities. Crockett administers vaccines for all ages from birth to adults and manages medication regimens for several clients in the community. She performs Right Track visits, which are screening visits that help to identify developmental delays prior to age 3. She also assists with training events in the community such as Narcan training and community education. Besides assisting with the COVID-19 testing events, she helps conduct contact tracing.

“I am joining the CCHD team at a very unique time. This new global pandemic has posed some new objectives and challenges,” said Crockett. “I have been able to assist CCHD as well as other communities and the National Guard with mass COVID-19 testing events as well as take some of the burden off of other staff members who have been bogged down with COVID-19 meetings, updates, and navigating policy as it relates to our new normal.”

When asked about her favorite part of the job she said, “I LOVE learning and helping people, and this position most certainly helps me to accomplish both of those things. I love the hands-on work that immunizations, COVID-19 testing, and Right Tracks brings. I also truly enjoy the challenges of learning and growing my knowledge amidst such an uncertain time, with ever-evolving circumstances as it relates to the global pandemic. Listening in on meetings with doctors and professionals from all over the world weighing in on the global pandemic and its implications and challenges has truly been so interesting.”

Crockett started her nursing career as a CNA in a long-term care facility in Staples, Minn. while in school to get her LPN at Minnesota State Wadena. After completing the required pharmacology course, she passed the test to become a med aide (distributing medicines in hospitals and long-term care facilities) and did some travel nursing to help surrounding facilities when they were shorthanded. Once she graduated with her associate LPN degree, she did not immediately take her boards to become licensed. Instead she worked as a med aide in Fargo at Merit Care’s observation unit until moving to Langdon.

In Langdon she completed the EMT course and worked with the local ambulance. In 2017 she decided to take her nursing boards and became a licensed practical nurse. Crockett worked flex-time at the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital, clinic, and ambulance and did some travel nursing. She started, still owns, and now rents out the Glitz and Glam Beauty Bar, located in Langdon. She is currently in virtual school to finish her bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse through Presentation College in South Dakota.

In the future, Crockett is hoping to help with grant writing, assisting with the busy influenza season, and helping with the coming COVID-19 vaccine administration.

“My goal is to expand my knowledge as much as possible and help CCHD and the community reach their health-related goals,” she said.

Barbara is married to Langdon native Dan Crockett. They have three children: Asher, Kaiya, and Mathew.

“I am thankful and appreciative of this new opportunity with public health and embracing stability that this new adventure brings for me and my family.”

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