Now is the time to ditch single people's most hated question

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Now is the time to ditch single people's most hated question

How's the love life? Been on any dates lately? When are you going to settle down and find yourself a nice man? And the simplest and most hated of them all: Have you met someone yet? 

These are the questions I was asked on a regular basis in my life before COVID-19. But since lockdown went into force in the UK, prohibiting meeting anyone from outside our households, that infuriating last question and its accomplices have been notably absent from conversations.

As someone who's been single for over a decade, I have spent the last 10 years fielding questions about my relationship status. I understand the appeal of asking someone about their love life — it's a go-to conversation topic that you can pluck out in awkward silences and conversational lulls. In instances like that, where it's simply a chat-filler, I don't really mind being asked. But, when the tiny but powerful word "yet" is tagged on to the end of questions like "have you met someone" it carries a far less innocuous message. The assumption being made is that because I am single, I must surely be seeking a partner to put me out of my misery. Read more...

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