Langdon City Commission meeting

The Langdon City Commission held a short meeting on Monday, February 10. The meeting concerned mostly business as usual agenda items.

Gerald Marcotte attended the meeting and asked the Commission to reconsider the request to purchase city-owned land in the Lakeview addition. The city has previously denied requests for the 45 foot wide property because of a water line that runs through it. Langdon City Water Department Supervisor Jason Busse explained that while the maps show the line going through the middle, it could be off as much as 10 feet, providing Marcotte with the required 28 feet for his garage project.

The City Commission explained that with this new information, and an agreement from Marcotte, that should the line ever need to be repaired, Marcotte would be liable for the cost of accessing the line. The request was tabled until closer to spring thaw.

The commissioners received and reviewed the contract for Airborn Custom Spraying. Commissioner Lawrence Henry stated that the aerial map needs to be adjusted as it is currently too close to the Langdon Area Research Center which conducts insect trials. The Commission approved the contract pending the map adjustment, which Henry will handle.

Commission Chair Jerry Nowatzki stated that the issue of snow removal from sidewalks needed to be addressed with a few property owners. Nowatzki explained that the city ordinance places snow removal from sidewalks as the property owner's responsibility, and there were currently properties that were not removing snow causing neighboring properties to not receive mail. The city will be sending notice to the owners in violation to remove the snow or have the city remove it and be billed.

The Fire Department Relief Association receives an annual donation of $2,000 from the City of Langdon. This year the association requested an increase to $3,000 as there will be more people drawing from the fund than in years prior. The Commission discussed and ultimately approved the increased donation.

In Other Business

• Newly appointed commissioner Darin Kaercher will take over the vacant City Commission spot on the Cavalier County Job Development Authority board.

• The Commission approved the designation of depository from Choice Bank.

• The Commission approved a housing incentive application for Brandon and Brooke Downs.

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