Stephen Colbert is 'Aragorn's slightly hotter twin brother Darrylgorn' in 'Lord of the Rings' spinoff

Tech 2 weeks ago Mashable 19

You might not have spotted Stephen Colbert's cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as 'Lake-Town Spy.' But the Late Show host has BIG plans for the future of his cameo character. 

So big in fact, that while he was visiting New Zealand, Colbert pitched a brand new spinoff trilogy to Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson himself.

"What if we spun off my character Lake-Town Spy into his own series of trilogies? What about this for a back story: my character is actually Aragorn's slightly hotter twin brother Darrylgorn?" asked Colbert.  

"Well," was Jackson's response. 

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