Deepfake of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'No Country for Old Men' will mess you up

Tech 4 days ago Mashable 14

The uncanny quality of a good deepfake can have a spine-shivering effect on viewers, and that couldn't be more true here.

Ctrl Shift Face, a YouTube channel that's terrifyingly good at producing deepfakes, has posted a trio of videos using the "coin toss" scene from No Country for Old Men. Except instead instead of Javier Bardem, who stars in the original scene, we get Leonardo DiCaprio, Willem Dafoe, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in three separate videos.

Leonardo DiCaprio

If having the actors' faces overlaid onto Bardem's wasn't creepily accurate enough, the voices (courtesy of voice actors) are dubbed over the dialogue, as well. And it's a lot to process. Read more...

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