GoPro unveils new modular Hero 8 and 360-degree Max camera

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GoPro's new lineup of cameras are here.

Today, the company is introducing the $399 Hero 8, which comes with a series of optional accessories called "mods" for the first time. Additionally, the $499 GoPro Max is the company's latest take on a 360-degree camera. The Hero 8 and GoPro Max are both available for pre-order now and officially go on sale later this month.

Both cameras have features that will appeal to YouTubers, though there's still plenty for filmmakers and action sports enthusiasts. 

The Hero 8 looks similar to last year's Hero 7, but with two big differences. First, the camera no longer requires a frame to mount it on a tripod or other accessory. Instead of clipping it into the removable frame from cameras in the past, the Hero 8 has two pieces that extend down from the body of the camera itself, allowing you to attach it to the mount of your choice without fiddling with an extra case. Second, the Hero 8 comes with a set of optional "mods," separate accessories that add an additional flip-up display, light, or microphone to the camera.  Read more...

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