With 'A Little Late,' Lilly Singh quietly overhauls late night

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A Little Late With Lilly Singh, which premiered Monday on NBC and YouTube, played it safe. 

In terms of content, most of it was familiar. Singh, known internationally as YouTube's Superwoman to over 15 million fans, wears a suit and reads a cheeky if polite monologue. Her show doesn't tinker with format like John Oliver's Last Week Tonight or play with space and media like Patriot Act, but Singh's act of revolution is to bare herself in every joke and frame. 

As a bisexual woman of color (a phrase Singh herself says she's heard repeated so much it might as well be her name) and celebrity minted by social media, Singh's every move is momentous, even if the moves themselves aren't very edgy. But it's all there in the minutiae; in her colorful suits, her nods to Canada, her choice of guest (Mindy Kaling) that gives us the rare sight of two South Asian woman side-by-side on NBC — rare but not unheard of, thanks in large part to Kaling herself. Here, Kaling appears alongside a cameo from Rainn Wilson and a smartly placed The Office conversation with Kaling, NBC quietly but inexorably stamps its new product). Read more...

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