Teens are dying by suicide at an alarming rate. Here are 5 ways to help save their lives.

Tech 10-9-2019 Mashable 17

In February 2015, Lily Allen intended to take her own life. A freshman in high school at the time, she might've succeeded had she not confessed that plan to a concerned friend, who then called the police. Officers showed up at her parents' home in Frisco, Texas, and Allen soon checked into the psychiatric unit at Children's Health, in Dallas, for a week. 

Allen had seen a therapist in elementary and middle school to talk through friendships gone sour. She'd been bullied on more than one occasion and experienced anxiety. Allen felt overwhelmed by the long struggle to belong. 

When it comes to depictions of suicide in media and pop culture, there is a dangerous perception that someone like Allen, who is inclined to take her own life, cannot be stopped. For teens, in particular, that myth may be hard to shake; suffering can seem never-ending from the vantage point of adolescence.   Read more...

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