Get your internet privacy back with 64% off this highly-rated VPN

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TL;DR: Grab five years of PureVPN for $69.99 in the Mashable Shop. It's typically $199.95, so you'll save 64%.

If you're still surfing online without a VPN, wake up. Your personal information, your passwords, and basically every move you make on the web are being watched. Privacy on the internet is practically extinct and the only way to protect yourself is by using a virtual private network.

Thankfully, many consumers are slowly waking up to the importance of securing their online activities, which means the VPN market is booming. That also means the services are offering more for less money. Right now, you can get a five-year subscription to PureVPN, a top-rated, award-winning service, for 64% off retail value. Read more...

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