The 'Is your child texting about' meme is back and still hilarious

Tech 4 weeks ago Mashable 14

It's a tale as old as time: Parents are dying to know what their kids are texting about.

When cellphones and instant messaging accounts became popular back in the day, texting acronyms and online abbreviations were invented to make communication easier and secretly curse and chat with friends in a way that parents wouldn't be able to understand.

Eventually, helpful shorthand lists were created to teach clueless parents that "LOL" meant "laughing out loud" and "WTF" stood for "what the fuck." Now those lists have inspired a delightfully evergreen meme.

The "Is your child texting about" meme presents a specific topic, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Warren, or Little Women, and imagines what the related text acronyms would be. Usually "NVM" means "never mind,"  but in the case of Poe, for example, it obviously means "nevermore." Read more...

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