There's a fast food chicken sandwich war and we have declared the winner

Tech 4 weeks ago Mashable 14

Alright everyone, stop the presses and rev up those fryers. I'm sick and tired of the fighting, so we're gonna settle this fast food score once and for all. I'm talking about the Great Chicken Sandwich Feud. 

Most fast food locations, chicken-themed or not, have their own fried bird. But there's been a food fight bubbling on brand Twitter recently with every big name in the business you can think of throwing their chicken hats in the chicken ring. 

The whole thing started after Popeyes released their first-ever chicken sandwich last week, and people began debating which chain had the best chicken sandwich. In typical Twitter brand fashion, Popeyes decided to start some chicken-flavored beef, subtweeting Chick-fil-A's appreciation post of their OG sandwich.  Read more...

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