Feeling nostalgic? Snag this Instax Mini 9 camera bundle.

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TL;DR: Snag the trendy AF Fujifilm Instax mini camera for $129.95, a new item in the Mashable Shop.

Instant photography has made a comeback in recent years. Not only is this the generation of instant gratification, but also the generation obsessed with nostalgia. Put those two things together and you get instant photos.

Many brands have caught on to the hype — like Leica, Lomography, Mint. Heck, even Polaroid's released a slew of new models. But the camera that seems to be dominating social media is FujiFilm's Instax Mini 9.

The cult-favorite camera is small, lightweight, and trendy AF. You can take it practically anywhere you please and it produces flawless, wallet-sized photos in seconds. It also offers more features than your average point-and-shoot instant camera. You'll get a macro lens for taking close-up shots with ease, a selfie mirror to get your face perfectly framed without wasting film, and an automatic brightness dial to get the best exposure every time. Read more...

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