This giant and deeply terrifying hand sculpture is dividing the people of New Zealand

Tech 19-8-2019 Mashable 17

There is a special place in the beating heart of the internet for a creepy sculpture or mascot.

Remember Gritty? Or the Partick Thistle FC soccer mascot that looked like a terrifying Lisa Simpson? Instant viral fame, for both of them.

And it looks like a giant hand sculpture that got airlifted onto the roof of a gallery in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday is about to go the same way.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No—Quasi has landed! This morning, Ronnie van Hout’s Quasi was installed on our roof. Quasi is a joint project with Wellington Sculpture Trust, with support from Wellington City Council, Wellington Community Trust, and Richard

— CityGalleryWgtn (@CityGalleryWgtn) August 18, 2019

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