Save $100 on these high fidelity, noise-canceling headphones

Tech 17-8-2019 Mashable 14

TL;DR: Snag the immersive Culture V1 headphones for $99.99 in the Mashable Shop. They're typically $200, so you'll save $100.

You’re in a complicated relationship with Bose and Beats headphones. While you love the idea of high fidelity sound, a cordless listening experience, an ergonomic design, and the ability to block out background noise effectively, you can’t quite commit to the price. 

Great active noise cancellation tends to come at a steep markup, so add all the other bells and whistles, and it’s hard to find a budget-friendly option that can give household name brands a run for their money. But that’s not to say they aren’t out there.  Read more...

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