Motorola One Action can take landscape videos when you hold it vertically

Tech 16-8-2019 Mashable 12

Motorola's got an interesting new concept: a smartphone, called Motorola One Action, that's designed to compete with a GoPro camera. 

This somewhat unlikely hybrid looks, feels, and definitely is a smartphone. But one of its three rear cameras is an ultra-wide, 16-megapixel sensor that's tailored to take great action videos. 

In practice, this boils down to several features. First, you can take horizontal videos with a 117-degree field of view, while holding your phone vertically, which is a pretty cool idea. The sensor is also assisted by Motorola's "Enhanced Video Stabilization" tech that should make video clips smoother. Finally, the sensor boasts 2.0 micron Quad Pixel tech that should deliver brighter and sharper videos in low light scenarios.  Read more...

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