This Dell wireless keyboard and mouse combo is almost 30% off

Tech 14-8-2019 Mashable 17

TL;DR: This wireless keyboard and mouse is $64.59 at Dell. It's typically $89.99, so you'll save $25.40.

No one likes a cluttered desk. Cluttered workspaces can quickly distract you from completing tasks. Organizing your workspace is a simple and stylish way to get your mind focused. 

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo (KM714) from Dell can not only help you organize the space around your laptop,  but the documents on your laptop as well. Windows-compatible, the mouse’s side buttons feature shortcuts to easily provide access to Window’s 8 Charms, for example.

The keyboard itself is made up of chiclet keys for maximum comfort and that satisfying click-clack sound (ASMR anyone?). Of course this wireless set is also the perfect companion for a tablet. Read more...

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