The Holt Locker Building – Marshall County Cooperative Locker Association

Delray Sannes

The Locker Building that stood in Holt is no more. The building, built during the 40s to fill the need for frozen storage units for area residents, fell to the destructive force of a backhoe operated by Ron Davidson on July 11, 2019.

The Locker Building was a part of the Marshall County Cooperative Locker Association that provided county residents without electricity and/or deep freezers the ability to freeze and store their supplies of meats and vegetables. Rural electrification brought electric power to area farms during the late 40s and early 50s. Home deep freezers became common place appliances roughly 20 years after the Locker was built.

In April of 1945, a group of residents met to discuss the feasibility of installing a set of lockers in a freezing compartment at the Holt Creamery. However by June of 1945, interest in a Locker system serving multiple communities had brought together a group of residents from the Holt, Newfolden, and Strandquist communities. The Marshall County Cooperative Locker Association was formally organized on June 26, 1945.


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