Stephen Colbert busts out his best Bon Jovi impression to roast the Democratic candidates

Tech 2-8-2019 Mashable 14

When you have so many Democratic candidates in one race, it's difficult to fit all your burns into just two episodes. Sometimes you simply need more time.

In the clip above from The Late Show, Stephen Colbert carries on exactly where he left off yesterday.

He takes jabs at a bunch of the different candidates — even busting out a Bon Jovi impression to roast Cory Brooker — before ultimately comparing the whole race to a horde of newly hatched sea turtles.

"You gotta have a lot of people at first, right?" he says. "It's like sea turtles hatching on a beach, okay? Lots of birds circling overhead, but there's thousands of them, you know — one of them has to make it to the water. Read more...

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