'The Church in the Darkness' turns cult worship into a thoughtful stealth game

Tech 2-8-2019 Mashable 20

I knew this was a dangerous place for my brother to stay, but he wouldn't listen to reason. 

In fact, reasoning with him wasn't even an option. But in this particular version of the story, cult leaders Isaac and Rebecca Walker had cast such a powerful spell on my unmoored sibling that he was adamant about staying. The only choice I had left at that point was deciding whether to kill the cult leaders or just walk away.

The Church in the Darkness is about an anti-capitalist cult in the 1970s that's fled to South America and established a commune there. You play Vic, the older sibling — brother or sister, the choice is yours — of Alex, who was bewitched by the Walkers' message and fled from home to join their revolution. Read more...

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