Alan Moore, writer worst served by Hollywood, calls it quits

Tech 20-7-2019 Mashable 21

If there's one thing that Alan Moore understands, it's dramatic timing. 

The writer of some of the greatest graphic novels ever — Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta and Batman: Killing Joke, to name the most overexposed — announced that he'd be hanging up his keyboard and retiring with the last-ever issue of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Also retiring: its legendary artist, Kevin O'Neill.) A corpus of comics that transformed the entire genre, arguably turning it into true literature, is now complete. 

In the same week, the HBO series Watchmen — which has variously been described as a "sequel" and, more troublingly, a "remix" of Moore's 1986 masterwork — is about to unveil itself to a skeptical but excitable legion of fans. The first trailer for the forthcoming and still mysterious series drops at San Diego Comic-Con: ground zero for the forces of big-bucks Hollywood geekery that have torn Moore's work to shreds over the last 18 years.  Read more...

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