These impressive Japanese knives are on sale for nearly 90% off

Tech 19-7-2019 Mashable 20

TL;DR: Get the Damasukasu 3-piece Japanese master chef blade set for $79.99 in the Mashable Shop.

Even if you have the fanciest kitchen (complete with marble countertops), have the most expensive and high-quality ingredients, and wear the cutest aprons and mittens, you still won't be able to whip up delicious meals if you don't invest in the right tools. Because guess what? Having the best tools is just as important as having the best ingredients. It's time to admit that the butter knife you claim can cut everything isn't actually capable of slicing a top sirloin.

You know what can? The Damasukasu 3-piece Japanese AKUMA master chef blade set — a knife set that is precision-balanced and impressively sharp. Best of all: You can pick it up on sale for 88% off. Read more...

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