How to learn the basics of floral design online

Tech 18-7-2019 Mashable 24

Maybe you want to make some nice floral centerpieces for a party, or maybe the nagging pressure to find a hobby has hit you at last. Whatever the case, you want to learn some basic floral design skills. Great! You are about to have a cool and interesting ability.

With the help of YouTube and websites like Skillshare, it's fairly easy to pick up the basics of floral decorating online. There's also a small but active floristry community on Reddit, which is perfect for troubleshooting. 

Even if you don't plan on continuing with the hobby — you've been put on flower duty for a bridal shower, for example, and just need to come up with something — you can learn enough to get your specialized project done without spending hours in an internet hole. Here's what to do: Read more...

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