'Stranger Things 4' is headed for a world-breaking Winona collision

Tech 17-7-2019 Mashable 29

Warning: Mild spoilers for Stranger Things 3 lie ahead.

Stranger Things is on a tight schedule.

Not only are fans already begging for a fourth installment less than two weeks after the release of the third — but between seasons, producers and writers are contending with the ever-increasing ages of their kid actors, the waffling staying power of '80s nostalgia, and the many quirks that come with maintaining a historically accurate timeline within a real-world timeframe. 

"It's a tough one because I'd love to [make episodes] faster than we do, but the reality is that our show is singular because we are unusually small as a creative team," Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy tells Mashable of the show's race against the clock.  Read more...

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