'Stranger Things' star David Harbour on why he feared Season 3 could jump the shark

Tech 2-7-2019 Mashable 29

The following is spoiler-free. Proceed with reckless abandon!

"Here's the thing about you people. It hasn't been that long," David Harbour, aka Chief Hopper, says pointedly to Mashable — and fans everywhere impatiently awaiting the seemingly overdue release of Stranger Things 3.

"Think about how long it takes Marvel to make a two-hour movie. It takes them like two to three years to make one movie. And then in a year and a half, we make an eight-hour epic movie? I mean, come on."

Harbour's mock-authoritarian tone, which was all in good fun but a bit too terrifying in the moment, highlights an important part of the creator-audience divide.  Read more...

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