Virtual reality meditation is a thing — and it's actually good

Tech 22-3-2019 Mashable 16

March Mindfulness is our new series that examines the explosive growth in mindfulness and meditation technology — culminating in Mashable's groundbreaking competitive meditation bracket contest. Because March shouldn't be all madness. Read more...

$3.99 for the Oculus Go app
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The Good
Easy to make into a habit • especially with short sessions • Can meditate anywhere you have the headset • Calming and approachable
The Bad
Limited choices that don't update -- after a while you want more than the six options • Doesn't take full advantage of VR
The Bottom Line
FlowVR is a great place to get comfortable with the idea of meditation -- and feels like a mini-vacation.
⚡ Mashable Score 4.0
😎 Cool Factor 4.0
📘Learning Curve 4.5
💪Performance 4.5
💵 Bang for the Buck 3.5
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