Woman asks Tinder for tech support with her Wii, and it actually worked

Tech 21-3-2019 Mashable 14

Turns out that sometimes, Tinder is good for something other than unsolicited dick pics and catfishing.  

Twitter user @meggzsalad was having a bit of a struggle with her Wii when the images on-screen were only showing in black and white. Instead of frantically Googling or sifting through multitudes of tech support forum responses from 2011, she reached out for help to an unlikely source — men on Tinder. 

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my wii is finally in color so i’d like to take a moment to thank the men of tinder, really helped a girl out pic.twitter.com/8jUEqOZiKe

— megz (@meggzsalad) March 20, 2019

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