Conan O'Brien's DNA test results are frankly a feat of human genetics

Tech 4-2-2019 Mashable 38

You know you're something special when a doctor tells you they've not seen anything quite like you before. 

That's what Conan O'Brien was told by his doctor when he went for a physical and ended up getting a DNA test. The results? Well, turns out he's even more Irish than actual Irish folk living in Ireland. 

"So, he took a DNA sample and I left, two weeks later he called me up and he said, 'I've never, ever, ever had a DNA result like this before and I've been doing this for 10 years,'" O'Brien told Stephen Colbert. 

"'You are 100 percent Irish,'" the doctor told him. "He said: 'I've never seen a 100 percent anything. He said 'I've been doing this a lot, I've seen 93.5 [percent], I've seen 96.1, I've seen 97.'" Read more...

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