Vietnam veteran’s legacy: $2.8M to Montevideo Veterans Home


MONTEVIDEO –- Steve Williams did not receive a big welcome home after he returned from his service in the Vietnam War, but his legacy will be to provide a home...

Marv Garbe of the American Legion salutes to honor the veterans during the Montevideo Veterans Home presentation of the donation from the family of the late Steve Williams Wednesday, Dec. 5. Erica Dischino / Forum News Service
Veterans were asked to stand while a banner was revealed with the words “Welcome home brother,” which was a popular phrase the late Steve Williams would say, at the Montevideo Veterans Home donation presentation at the American Legion. Erica Dischino / Forum News Service
Nieces of the late Steve Williams, Laura Aho, left, and Sara Mousel Williams, smile while listening to their family members speak about their uncle at the American Legion in Montevideo. Erica Dischino / Forum News Service

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