Flood control project to be topic of Two Rivers Watershed District public meeting

The Two Rivers Watershed District will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 3 – 5:30 p.m. in the visitor’s center at Lake Bronson State Park, located east of Lake Bronson, Minn.
The purpose of the project will be to gather input and public comments on issues related to the proposed Klondike Clean Water Retention Project within the Two Rivers Watershed District. Specific topics to be discussed will include the project propose, history, design, operation, permitting and funding.
The meeting is being held at a critical point in the planning and design of the project. The Board of Managers of the Two Rivers Watershed District has completed general preliminary planning, has obtained preliminary funding to begin designs, and would like to present information that has been gathered and get feedback from the public. The meeting is meant to inform and gather input from public officials, local citizens and others who may have an interest in water management issues. Input gathered at these meetings will be used to develop and guide the detailed design of the flood control project.
The meeting to be held at Lake Bronson State Park will specifically cover the proposed impoundment and the area of the District that is drained by State Ditch No. 72 (along Roseau County Road No. 7) and Lateral 1 of State Ditch No. 95 (between Badger and Lake Bronson). The project is proposed to store up to 40,000 acre feet of floodwater.
It will cover an area approximately 12 square miles in size, and significantly reduce flooding on all three branches of the Two Rivers and help to reduce peak flows on the Red River. The project is also proposed to have secondary benefits of improving water quality on Lake Bronson, protect a naturally occurring prairie rich fen and provide wildlife habitat. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for the public, township officials, agency people and others to have a say in the way the watershed district manages the area for flood control, erosion, ditches, culverts, water quality, water supply and other topics.
While the meeting is being held to gather input, one need not be present to provide comments. If you are interested in this process but cannot be present at the meting, you can still provide comments by contacting the district office.
Over the next year detailed design plans will be completed, funding for construction will be solicited and permits that are required will be applied for.
For more information on the Klondike Clean Water Retention Project of the Two Rivers Watershed District, call the district office at 218-843-3333 or write to us at 410 South 5th Street Kittson County Courthouse, Hallock, MN 56728.
Information can also be found on our website: www.tworiverswd.com

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