Getting to know the County Tax Director and Deputy Tax Director

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Getting to know the County Tax Director and Deputy Tax Director

Cavalier County recently hired a new County Tax Director, Stephanie Bata, and a new Deputy Tax Director, Jaclyn Nye. Both Bata and Nye currently live in Langdon. Bata grew up in Andover, Minn., and Nye is a Langdon native but recently moved back to town after living in Bismarck for the past ten years. Bata lives with her husband, Reily, who farms in Cavalier County along with their golden retriever, Daisy.  Nye lives with her husband, Zach, who farms and is a dealer for Concept Industries hopper bins. The couple has three children- two girls and a boy. Their oldest child is in kindergarten, and the youngest is ten months old.

Posted 11/1/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

Both Bata and Nye are very qualified. Bata has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota at Crookston in Production Horticulture and Environmental Landscape Design with a minor in Agricultural Business. Nye graduated from the University of Mary with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

Bata got her start in 2016 in the tax office as a part-time temporary deputy tax director for Cavalier County. Later that year, the deputy tax director became a permanent position. She held that position until the county hired her as the tax director in August 2018. Nye looked for a position that would showcase her skills and interests and came across the ad for the deputy tax director position in the paper. Nye has worked with a variety of organizations including water, government, education, and non-profit groups. Another perk for Nye included growing up in the area and having an agricultural background. Nye feels that she has a deep understanding of and appreciation for what matters most to county residents.

Both Bata and Nye are actively involved with the community. Bata works closely with the Cavalier County Soils Committee, and Nye is the Treasurer of the Northern Lights Arts Council.

When asked what they like most about the new job, Bata replied, “The opportunity to work with the citizens of Cavalier County to seek out solutions to their issues and concerns.” Nye replied, “I most enjoy providing a service to the community and being able to assist people with questions they may have.”

Bata says that she would tell anyone just entering the workforce to always seek opportunities to learn something new. Nye explained, “Ask a lot of questions and do whatever you can to educate yourself on the job. Education is a great start, but the rest of your professional development is solely up to you, so it’s important to be unafraid to ask those questions and seek out resources wherever you can.”

Along those same lines, both Bata and Nye have some advice that might help others in their jobs. Bata said that people should understand the importance of asking questions and to utilizing people in this industry that teach you new methods. Nye thinks that it is essential to know and use your resources at work -to have a resource you can turn to when you have a question or you don’t know the answer- whether it’s your boss, coworker or a board.

Both Bata and Nye think that the county has done a great job keeping up with the trends in their field. Bata gives the former tax director, Pam Lafrenz, credit, “The last several years our department has gone through many changes. The previous tax director worked diligently to update outdated laws and trends the county had been following. I hope to continue to get the tax director’s office where it needs to be to stay current with all the laws and guidelines set by the state.”

When asked about the unique qualities that make them qualified for their position, Bata replied, “I bring a perspective that drives me to seek out better and more efficient ways to improve the level of service of the tax director’s office. I strive to fulfill the duties of the tax director’s office efficiently and fairly in service to the citizens of Cavalier County.”

Nye responded, “I’ve been fortunate to have a variety of educational and professional experiences throughout my career which have connected with many amazing organizations and people. These experiences and relationships have not only enhanced my abilities but also ingrained a desire to serve others. I think what sets me apart is my passion for our county and our state. I care about the members of our community, and I am dedicated to fulfilling their needs.”

For a final thought, Bata said that she wants county residents to know that their job in the tax director’s office is to work with local assessors to ensure all taxable properties are assessed at a fair and equitable value.

Nye wants county residents to know that she and Stephanie would be happy to answer questions you may have. You can reach them at 256-2289, Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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