Tilda Swinton as an 80-year-old man in ‘Suspiria’ is ridiculously convincing

Tech 12-10-2018 Mashable 25

Does the name Lutz Ebersdorf ring a bell? 

That's the name of the 80-year-old actor playing Dr Josef Klemperer in the upcoming horror movie Suspiria. 

Never heard of him? Yeah, us neither. That's because Mr. Ebersdorf does not exist. The elderly break through star was actually actor Tilda Swinton in prosthetics all along. 

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Swinton just revealed the elaborate hoax that allowed her to star in Luca Guadagnino's upcoming horror drama under two different names. Swinton also plays a leading role of a dance troupe director in the movie.  Read more...

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