The curious case of a stolen photo, turned into a fake tweet, then an ad

Tech 11-10-2018 Mashable 23

It's the nature of memes to be spread around the internet, meaning that we often don't know (or care) where they came from.

But writer Ira Madison III is not down with a photo he posted being taken, turned into a fake tweet, then used for an ad.

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In a series of tweets, Madison accused publication Betches and dating app Hinge of "shady behavior," after they allegedly engaged in just that. 

On Sunday, Madison tweeted a photo, showing a friend using Goldfish crackers as breadcrumbs for macaroni and cheese.

"I'm not going to call out the white friend who did this by name, but as the holidays approach just know that using goldfish as breadcrumbs for macaroni and cheese IS NOT OKAY," reads the tweet. Read more...

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