These Weather Channel graphics show how terrifying Hurricane Florence could become

Tech 14-9-2018 Mashable 21

It's one thing to read about a hurricane or even see a photo or a video. It's another to see its effects on the actual, real-life objects around a reporter. 

The Weather Channel has been using mixed reality to great effect with its reporting on Hurricane Florence, showing how the water may rise and swallow buildings and cars in its path. 

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One video, below shows the effect from a potential storm surge which could rise up to 9 feet in some areas. 

"We can show you what this could look like, if you were to find yourself in this scenario," meteorologist Erika Navarro says. The map behind her disappears, and thanks to wonders of mixed reality, we can actually see the wind raging and the water rising on a street, complete with cars, trees and buildings in the background.  Read more...

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