Experts say Minnesota's climate changing faster than other states


ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — It's getting harder to brag about being a hardy Minnesotan. That was the underlying message from a pair of climatologists who spoke at Alexandria Technical and Community...

Around Minnesota, winters just aren't as cold as they used to be. DNR climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld produced this graphic showing how Grand Rapids is losing its coldest temperature readings, which are usually collected overnight. The 1930s was something of an anomaly, he said, because the drought years caused colder temperatures. Source: Minnesota DNR
Climatologist Mark Seeley shows a crowded auditorium the unpredictability of Alexandria's weather. On Sept. 6, 1913, the temperature reached 97 degrees. On the same date in 1956, it was 36 degrees. On the same date in 1930, a dust storm rolled through, while in 2010 a thunderstorm dumped 2.6 inches of rain. Karen Tolkkinen / Forum News Service
Kenny Blumenfeld, senior climatologist for the Minnesota DNR, told students at Alexandria Technical and Community College that the DNR is looking at which winter sports to promote now that winters are warming. Karen Tolkkinen / Forum News Service

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