The best knife sharpeners to give your tools an edge

Tech 10-7-2018 Mashable 22

The importance of a sharp knife blade seems obvious. Anyone who's ever attempted to cut through a tomato with a dull knife knows it's almost impossible when compared to using a knife with a razor-sharp edge. 

Knives have a shelf-life, just like any other household appliance, so even the most high-quality knives lose their edge after use and time. However, rather than replacing your worn-down knives with a new set (which could cost anywhere from $25 to hundreds), knife sharpeners give you the option to save your knives (and money) by keeping them in fighting shape. 

Whether used for your kitchen set or your hunting knives and tools, there's a great knife sharpening option for everyone. With the help of actual customer feedback (AKA the glorious and ever-helpful user reviews on Amazon), we've narrowed down the best knife sharpeners to suit your fancy. Read more...

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