'Luke Cage' Season 2 totally nails how New York City would treat a superhero

Tech 22-6-2018 Mashable 33

One of the coolest things about Netflix’s Marvel series is that it takes its New York City setting very seriously. The characters live at believable addresses, walk down identifiable streets, and even the little incongruities that would make an IRL New Yorker squint — Matt Murdock being able to afford a massive studio apartment while building a law practice from the ground up, for example — have in-universe explanations (only a blind person would put up with a glowing Midtown billboard shining in their window every night). 

But New York City is more than a collection of neighborhoods. It's the people who live there, and Luke Cage Season 2 is the first Marvel series that totally nails the way real New Yorkers would react to having a known superhero in their midst.  Read more...

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