Big things are ahead for 'Gears of War' after three E3 2018 reveals

Tech 10-6-2018 Mashable 23

There's no new Gears of War game coming in 2018, but boy howdy is 2019 going to be a busy one for all of you fans.

The biggest revelation was, of course, Gears 5. The sequel to the 2016 follow-up from new Gears developer The Coalition picks up where the previous story left off, focusing on a sort of "next-generation" cast for the series.

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In a surprising twist, Gears 5 makes Kait a central character. (Yes, a woman will star in this Gears of War game. No, that's not a bad thing.) It's not fully clear what the new game is about, but it does let you wield a large, seemingly very destructive melee weapon. Read more...

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