Langdon City Commissioners hold a short meeting

On Monday, April 9, the Langdon City Commission met with a full agenda. All the commissioners were present.

Posted 4/12/18

By Lisa Nowatzki

Andrew Aakre from Moore Engineering updated the commissioners on the sewer, eater, and storm sewer improvement project. The commissioners approved several payments presented them by Aakre for Moore Engineering. The total expenditure on the project is $3.3 million with a total loan amount of $3.6 million. Sanitary sewer televising by Johnson Jet Line has been completed. Aakre has made a map of all the areas that have been cleaned and wants to make note of trouble spots before he turns over the video to the commissioners.

The city superintendent reported that the street sweeper and dirt patacher are ready to go, however, the oil that is used by the patcher is not available. The special oil must be maintained at a certain temperature or the batch will be ruined. The earliest the oil can be shipped will be sometime around May 1.

A new storm sewer was needed near the Daycare Center when it froze up. The sewer was thawed and opened, preventing the sewer from flooding the Daycare Center. The new steam cleaner has come in handy, logging in more than 25 hours.

Water and sewer department reports that not much at all is happening. Business as usual.

The sanitation department reported that the cement crushing is going well with 29,000 yards crushed and 6000 yards remaining to be crushed.

With the police and activity department, Commissioner Lawrence Henry reported that the Activity Center has had some complaints about the summer hours of operation. Henry stated that he will be re-examining the hours and work out a schedule with more hours to try to accommodate more people.

The City Auditor, RoxAnne Hoffarth, reported that she had talked to Dan Fischer about recreating the parcel book as a computer file. Hoffarth also reported that she applied for a Homeland Security grant for cameras and a lockdown system for the offices at City Hall.

Next, the Commission decided to get word out to the public through the newspaper about the sales tax that will be on June’s ballot. Hoffarth also reported that all the railroad property letters except for two or three have been returned. Finally, building permits were approved and city bills were paid before adjournment.

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