YouTube app gets fancy new AI that removes background like a green screen

Tech 4-3-2018 Mashable 759

While artificial intelligence may one day evolve into the godhead, right now it's being put to a more prosaic use: funny backgrounds in YouTube videos. 

Engineers at Google have developed a new tool that uses AI and machine learning to filter out and replace the background in videos much like a green screen does. They call it mobile real-time video segmentation, and it's here to up your YouTube game — assuming you have the limited beta stories, that is. 

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That's because, for the moment, the feature is only to be found there. Even so, it looks like it could have a big impact. After all, just imagine what the wonderfully twisted minds of the internet will do now that they can easily digitally replace the boring scenery behind them with, I don't know, maybe a mural?  Read more...

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