Dude makes 'why you should swipe right' PowerPoint for his Tinder and it worked

Tech 20-2-2018 Mashable 23

Making your Tinder profile stand out from the crowd can be tough. 

But, one British chap decided to make a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Why you should swipe right: A presentation by Sam," which he uploaded to his Tinder profile. 

And, to his delight, this strategy proved hugely successful. 

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21-year-old Sam Dixey's Tinder profile was spotted by Gracie Barrow, who found his "10/10 effort" charming. She tweeted screenshots of his profile, and her tweet gained nearly 20K retweets, and 88K likes. 

Barrow told Mashable she thought Dixey's Tinder profile was "really funny" and, in case you were wondering, she swiped right on him. She also wanted to tell Sam how much it had made her laugh.  Read more...

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