Speech therapy services offered in Langdon

Speech Wellness Services, LLC will be offering speech therapy to the Langdon area. Privately owned by speech pathologist Sharon Heidler of rural Walhalla, speech services will be offered in the home setting for clients living in the Langdon and Walhalla areas.

Posted 2/8/18

By Melissa Anderson


Heidler has been working as a speech pathologist for the past 23 years in both North Dakota and South Dakota. Heidler is currently seeing patients ages two through high school. Heidler will also be offering speech, language, and literacy-enriched summer camps this summer.

“These camps are for children with or without speech and language needs. These camps will be held in Devils Lake; however, the Langdon location may be available depending upon the number of interested applicants,” Heidler said.

Heidler received her Bachelor’s degree from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota and her Master’s degree from the University of North Dakota. Over her career, Heidler has worked in many different settings. Her experience in a hospital setting saw her completing her internship in the pediatrics unit. There, Heidler worked with non-verbal students using augmentative communication systems. She also designed activities for a language and literacy day camp.

Heidler has also worked as an online tele-therapist providing speech services to families in the state of Pennsylvania. During that time she provided social groups to individuals diagnosed with pragmatic disorders. She also worked with several other speech and language disorders.

“I have provided speech therapy in the school settings in both South Dakota and North Dakota where I was responsible for diagnosing and treating speech, language, fluency, and voice disorders for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students,” Heidler shared.

During her time as a school therapist, Heidler performed many hearing and speech screenings, evaluated and diagnosed disorders as well as worked together with individual special education team members to determine course of treatment.

Heidler has spent time working with children aged birth to three in both North Dakota and South Dakota where she trained parents to carry through on home–based speech programs.

“I also provided in-service trainings for day care providers and parents as well as provided therapy in the home setting,” Heidler added.

Heidler has been employed in a developmental center where she provided therapy to adults with developmental disabilities, worked with stroke victims with aphasia and dysarthria, completed functional evaluations to target life skills, developed functional treatment plans and trained workers to carry over on treatment recommendations.

“I was also a radio guest speaker on a broadcast show featuring medical topics in the area of speech and language disorders,” Heidler shared.

Heidler sees patients by appointment and through referral only. Heidler’s website, speechwellness.com, provides a referral form for speech services. Speech Wellness Services requires a physician’s referral prior to treatment for insurance purposes. Speech Wellness Services is a Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid provider.

For more information or to set-up an appointment, please contact Sharon Heidler at 701-695-1052 or by email: Heidlerlynnslp@yahoo.com.

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