Zidon is student teaching at St. Alphonsus Catholic School

A student teacher is receiving hands-on learning experiences of educating young students at St. Alphonsus Catholic School this spring.

Posted 2/8/18

By Melissa Anderson

Krista Zidon, a native of Edinburg and current student at Mayville State University, is completing the student teaching portion of her education with the first grade and kindergarten teachers this semester.

Zidon is five weeks into her 10 weeks of first grade with Jenny Chaput. Following that she will complete the remaining five weeks of the semester with Cami Ullyott in kindergarten.

“The first five weeks have been really good. The kids are really friendly and fun, and I’m enjoying the small town again,” Zidon shared.

That small town feel extends to the St. Alphonsus faculty who are helping Zidon get the most out of her time there.

“I know if I have any questions, I can go to anyone for help which is a good feeling,” Zidon said.

Zidon has always wanted to become a teacher, even when she was in grade school/elementary. Zidon recalled that school was hard for her growing up and that she did not enjoy it.

Zidon said, “I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to help students, like myself, who struggled with school, to learn to enjoy and love school.”

Some of her influences for  becoming a teacher included the good teachers she herself had. Those teachers always showed her that school was more than just “school work” and being a good reader or fast at math.

“They showed me that everyone has different talents and that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others,” Zidon recalled.

Zidon’s parents, Jim and Tammy, as well as the rest of her family, were always very supportive in whatever she wanted to do. Another big influence was her Grandma Johnson, who was also a teacher.

“They [her parents] were always willing to push me towards my goals. My grandma has always been a huge influence in my life, and she made me want to become a teacher,” Zidon shared.

When asked what was some of the best advice she has received about teaching, Zidon showed the sense of humor that every teacher needs.

“Know where the bathroom is, become good friends with the janitor and never tell the kids how old you are!” Zidon quipped before sharing, “The best advice I have received about teaching is, every child needs something different. Not everyone is the same. As teachers we have many different roles in our students’ lives. Some students may need cheerleaders, coaches, listeners, tutors and even friends. We wear many different “hats” to suit the needs of all of our students.”

Zidon added that teachers set the tone and create the learning environment. While she does not have a favorite grade, she, like her students, does have a favorite subject and not so favorite.

“My favorite subject to teach is math, and my least favorite subject is language arts,” Zidon said.

Along with her favorite and not so favorite subjects to teach, Zidon also shared what she loves the most and likes the least about her future career.

“Love- building relationships and learning from my students,” Zidon said, “Dislike – the days go by way too fast; there are not enough hours in the day to learn.”

Zidon will graduate in May 2018 with an Early Childhood Education major and a Special Education minor. With her credentials, Zidon will be able to teach from preschool to third grade.

Zidon and her fiancé, John Cahill, who is currently working at CHS in Langdon, plan to be married in September of 2018.

“My fiancé and family live and work around here so I would like to stay close to them,” Zidon said.

After graduating, Zidon hopes to find a teaching position and preferably stay around the Walsh-Pembina-Cavalier county areas for awhile.

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