Guy discovers cheeky easter egg on a PS2 disc 14 years after it was released

Tech 12-2-2018 Mashable 38

We doubt anyone pays attention to what's on a gaming disc, unless the thing is scratched.

But if you have a copy of 2004's The Bard's Tale, the rather funny RPG has an easter egg printed on the disc certain fans might be aware of.

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For the rest of us underlings, we've only just discovered the joke via a tweet posted by @ajelansolo on Saturday. Here he's posted a picture of the PlayStation 2 disc, which has the message "really disturbing image... flip disc over." 

The disc, of course, is reflective.

This PS2 game just flat out gave me the most devastating

— A$AP BLOCK ME (@alejansolo) February 9, 2018

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